Welcome to Down East Trivia. We were found in 2017 by Boston native Arty DeMattia. Down East Trivia Quiz is a live hosted knowledge-based event played in bars and restaurants in the New England Area.  We currently are providing fun and exciting competitions in bars, restaurants, and special events. Get your team, (up to 6 max) to one of our venues to test your skill at an assortment of trivia questions, from Anatomy to Literature, Movies to History, Sports to Science.

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FORMAT: Our unique format makes the game more exciting than most. We combine the strategy of wagering points, with the need for cleverness for our bonus rounds.This is not just 50, 60, or 70 questions asked in a row and whoever has the highest score wins. There is a strategy that is involved in playing Down East Trivia. Don’t just try to outsmart your tip with your trivia skill, but with your ability to put more points on questions you know the best and less on ones you are unsure about.

HOSTS:  Our staff is full of professionals who love trivia as much as you. We interview and hold tryouts for all our Trivia Jockeys to ensure they will give you the best show that we can offer. Our host range from teachers, architects, managers and everything in between. Check out our Hosts Profile page by Clicking Here.

QUESTIONS: Our questions range in 6 different categories. Our major categories are Geography, LiteratureEntertainment, HistoryScience, and Sports. We obtain our question and answers from credible sources. We like to split our categories up into several levels as well making it a challenge everytime one is asked and spreading the field allowing people’s strengths to shine.

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